Awesome Swimsuit Competition On 7-28-16!!

Organized by Tony Medeiros Productions, this RGV Swimsuit Competition gathered great female and male contestants, which made the judges’ job very difficult. The first 3 places received cash prizes from the promoter at the end of the show. We expect to have more of these exciting events at Havana Club and Grill in the near future.



Valentine’s Day Weekend 2016


Valentine’s Day celebration is a tradition at Havana Club and Grill. We invite you to join us on Sunday, February 14th, 2016, to dine and dance or just dance the night away in a romantic atmosphere.

Our restaurant will be open from 7 PM until Midnight on Sunday ant the club will be open until 2 AM, as usually. To reserve your table or to get more information, please call us at 956-687-3100. You can also make your reservation online. There will be live music by Midnight Band.

For those of you who would prefer to celebrate Valentine’s Day on Saturday, February 13th, the tables and the decorations will be ready that day, too. Our restaurant will open 8 PM to Midnight. Live Music by Grupo Ache de Barrio.


Valentine's Day 2016

New Year’s Party 2015-2016

IMG_6574Our last New Year’s Party was a success (see picture above) and we expect the same for our New Year’s Party 2015-2016!
We will have Live Music by Midnight Band.

As on previous years, we will offer two options:

(a) For those who just want to dance and have drinks, the cover will be $20


(b) For those having dinner, we will offer two Menu Options:

1. House Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette Sauce– Chicken Breast with Nuts and Raisin Sauce served with Roasted Potatoes-Dessert (Raspberry Cheesecake) and a Glass of Champagne for $65/person.

2. House Salad with Raspberry Vinaigrette Sauce – Fillet Mignon with Mushroom  Sauce served with Asparagus – Dessert (Raspberry Cheesecake) and a Glass of Champagne for $75/person.

We are taking reservations for the dinner options. For the cover only option, seating is on a first come, first served basis.

Dress Code: Casual.

All options include party favors (such as hats, whistles, etc.), tax and gratuity.

Call us (956-687-3100) or send us an e-mail message (, if you need any further information.

Book Your Table Early!!

Book Your Christmas Party At Havana Club And Grill!!

Christmas Parties are a tradition at Havana Club and Grill. We will help you select your menu from our regular dishes or prepare a customized one for your group. The club already has Christmas decorations in place and there is Live Music nightly. Visit other sections of our website for further information about the club or call us at 956-687-3100 if you need any further information.

Happy Holidays!

Noche Bohemia on October 8, 2015!!

On Thursday, October 8, 2015, Cuban Author-Singer and Latin Grammy Award Nominated, AMAURY GUTIERREZ will perform live at Havana Club and Grill, along with the very well known Mexican romantic duet, MEXICANTO. These fabulous artists got together to put up an awesome show which will benefit the well known Hermes Music Foundation.

Our restaurant and bar will be open. Tickets are already on sale at Hermes Music stores. For further information or to buy tickets, please call 956-904-4472.

Amaury-Mexicanto 10-15

Awesome Comedy Night In August 2015!

Comedy Nights returned to Havana Club on Thursday 8-13-15. The show was coordinated by local favorite comedian Mario Salazar who was also the MC. Mario invited Mexican Actor, TV Host and comedian, RENE FRANCO to head this hilarious show, which kept people laughing for close to 21/2 hours. The show was opened by famous talented singer and author, Elio (Roy Escobedo). Comediante CISCO, Rick Cano and Dan Defossey were also part of the event. The next one will be in November 2015 and will be announced in this website and in our Facebook Page as well.

Roy Escobedo (aka Elio)

Roy Escobedo (aka Elio)


Mario “Superstar” Salazar

It is interesting that although Mario is one of the local “veterans” in the comedy circle, this was the FIRST time that the performed in SPANISH. He told us before the show that he was “nervous” about performing in Spanish but he was as funny and hilarious as during his usual great performances in English.

Rick Cano

Rick Cano

Rick is from the Rio Grande Valley but he is frequently performing in other states.

Dan Deffosey

Dan Defossey

Dan was born in the USA but he lives in Mexico. He told many funny stories of his “gringo” experiences in Mexican territory.

Comediante Cisco

Comediante Cisco

Cisco receives our special thanks for gathering the comedians for this show and also for suggesting that the show be conducted in Spanish. His jokes were outstanding.

Comedy Night 8-13-15

Comedy Night 8-13-15

Rene Franco

Rene Franco

Rene Franco closed the show with a 45-minute performance which kept the audience laughing non-stop. This picture was taken when he explained which are the ‘two sides of a woman’s brain” and how they work during daily life…

Comedy Night on 8-13-15

Comedy Night on 8-13-15

Comedy Night on 8-13-15

Comedy Night on 8-13-15

Kizomba and Semba Demonstration on Friday 7-31-15

Kizomba is a genre of music and dance originating from Angola. It means “party” in Kimbundu language, which is one of the most widely spoken in that country. Semba is a more traditional fun dance characterized by wide steps and danced in pairs. Kizomba is danced like the more traditional Semba but is slower and more sensual.



Kizomba has only been around since the 1980’s and has been gradually becoming more popular in non African countries, including the USA. Because of its rising popularity, instructors from the local Sabor Vallero dancing team brought  Eric Fitzgerald and Karla Villarreal from Houston. Eric and Karla gave a demonstration at Havana Club on Friday, July 31st. Eric brought his cell phone to the DJ booth and requested to dance with Karla to the rhythm of the song named :”Milongo”. Many dance students observed and got helpful tips from the instructors. This was part of a pre-party for a workshop held at South Padre Island on 8/1/15.



UFC 190: Rousey Reatains World Title


On Saturday, 8/1/15, undefeated Rousey and Correia clashed in a long anticipated fight. This and other great UFC Fights were shown at Havana Club live from Rio de Janeiro. The fight card included many excellent fights with popular old-timers such as Minotauro Nogueira and Rua. The questions were if Correia was a tough as she said she was and if she would last more than one round, reminiscent of the initial Mike Tyson fights, in a different but similar sport. Rousey took only 34 seconds to knock out Correia, extending her winning streak to 12 straight fights and retaining her world title in the women’s bantamweight division.IMG_1380




“Bailando en Havana” Finalists!


These four couples have deservedly reached the FINAL competition for “Bailando en Havana”, which has been scheduled for Thursday, May 28th!!! Once we get confirmation from the event organizer, we will announce the special guests and other relevant details for this exciting TV competition’s grand finale.